Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Haikal and Lorry

That night, I was sitting next to Haikal while watching news in Buletin Utama. Haikal hold his blue colorpencil and started drawing straight lines and three tyres which perfectly formed a shape of lorry. He was not done yet when I shouted happily to my husband and brother. "Guys, come and have a look! Haikal draws a lorry!" Both of them rushed excitedly to see the drawing. Haikal was surrounded by us and still holding the pencil. Realizing that he was being watched by three pairs of eyes, he started to draw clumsily. Ohhh...

Well, next time we decide not to overshow our interests while he's drawing. We will pretend like nothing happens although we are very proud of his talent. We will let him develope his creativity and praise him after he's done with his drawing.

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