Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Happy Teacher's Day!

When I was in primary school, Cikgu Shahabudin was well known as a serious and strict teacher.

I guessed he didn't really get my name but he recognized me as "Bawang Merah" (Red Onion). He even called me "Bawang Merah" and I was very happy with that name.

During physical education class, Cikgu Shahabudin asked us, boys and girls to hold each other's hands and formed a big round. He said, "Now you're still kids, I allow you, both boys and girls to hold each other's hands. But remember, once you become adults, this is prohibited!" (Haa, pegang tangan puas-puas. Dah besaq nanti jangan dok menggatai nak pegang-pegang pulak!)

I loved the way he explained the long jump technique. The skecthing was brilliant. 

Cikgu Shahabudin passed away years back but I always remember you, my teacher!

To all teachers, Happy Teacher's Day!


  1. salam!
    I come across Sis EMila Yusof blog.
    WOw, your teacher, he must be proud of you.
    Kalau saya, terharu bila dah bertahun2 student masih ingat :)

    1. Ohh..terima kasih singgah sini. Jasa guru tak terhingga :)