Friday, May 11, 2012

Da Vinci Creative Kids

Haikal will turn 4 on 24 August 2012. His first class with Da Vinci Creative Kids was on 9 April 2012 where he learnt on how to draw a colourful ball. So far he has already attended five drawing lessons and I'm proud to say that his drawing skill is improving. I could see that he loves to play with colours.
 Sketching and colouring all by Haikal without my observation.

Anas (the brother) admires Haikal's drawing very much, especially the smiling sun. Everytime Haikal comes back from the class, Anas will grab a pencil and start drawing too.
Anas was inspired by Haikal's drawing. 

Anas choosing his favourite colour.
 Well done kids!

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