Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Illustrated Postcard

I haven't updated my blog for more than a year! Sigh... Well, guess it's never too late to do thing that we love. 

What's up? I am in love with Postcrossing (www.postcrossing.com) where I could send and receive postcards to and  from other people around the world. Letters and postcards are my interest... I love checking my pigeon hole and wonder is there any mail for me? Instead of receiving bills and account statements, postcards from Postcrossing are too meaningful and make my day. Especially when I receive postcards with illustration.

The problem is it's not easy to find postcards (some people claim that emails and mobile apps are easier medium of communication)  and some of the postcards are just not affordable by ME. So, last week I decided to make my own postcard and send it to a beauty who lives in Russia. Will she like it?