Thursday, February 9, 2012

Draw a lion

Yesterday I opened Emila's blog every half an hour, hoping new drawing tutorial will appear. Well, I could see that she had a very pack schedule this week. There was an entry about she attending a lion dance at Ampang and his son's challenge to lion drawing. As usual, she did it perfectly...that's Emila! She took around 30 minutes only to finish the details. I scrolled over her page to see the photo of lion taken during the event and hold my pencil tightly. I said to myself, I should challenge myself to draw a lion too.. I can do it! Without looking to her sketch, I drew the lion and tried to be more particular about the little things in the photo. Here's the result. I laughed to my self as the lion was quite thin...after it's hardwork dancing on poles :)


  1. Wahhhh!!!! Suka suka!! Pandai Syuq lukis lion! Great job, Syuq!

  2. Ada rupa singa ke? Eheh...terima kasih :p