Thursday, February 9, 2012

Haikal and Dragonfly

Everyday I will try to allocate my time for drawing activity with my kids. They will request me to draw their favourite objects especially those related to heavy transportations like crane, tractor and lorry. The drawing should not be perfect. Two boxes with two circles will do to make them shout happily "It's a lorry!'. Easy right hihihi.. Believe me, although this kind of activity needs your patience, love and time, it's a fruitful one! Now my kid can draw a lorry by himself... I wish to upload his drawings in my next post. This is one of almost-4-years-old Haikal drew a dragonfly. I'm very proud of him :-)

Encourage kid's imagination, creativity and confidence, that's what I'm doing. At the same time, I try to develop my creativity as well. My imagination should be better than Haikal. So I modified his sketch to make it a bit closer to real. So, here is Haikal's dragonfly with his mother's touch. Happy family!


  1. These are good!! It is good that your son is joining too. Drawing together with our children is fun, kan?

  2. K. Emi, the feeling is great. Kids are really unpredictable. Sometimes their improvements are beyond our expectation.

    Gdah, thank you..thank you.. :)