Sunday, February 19, 2012

New Drawing Book

Haikal came to me with his sad face and claimed that his drawing book got no more blank page. I asked him, "Are you sure? " He nodded and passed the book. I opened every single sheet and amazed that he was right. Haikal drew on every page and didn't leave even one empty page.
"Well, you should ask your father to buy a new one" I smiled at him.
"Ok". Then his father promised to give him a new drawing book.


  1. Hehe comel je Haikal. Semalam Kak Emila belikan sketchbook untuk Yassin dan semalam juga dia nak habiskan all the pages, Syuq. Ada 100 muka semuanya, Kak Emila rasa dia dah lukis 3/4.

  2. Wahhh hebatnya Yassin! Memang bersemangat nak melukis. K. Em kena dapatkan tajaan sketchbook lah macam ni.. Banyak buku nak kena beli lepas ni hehehe :)