Friday, February 3, 2012

Keychains...lots of keychains!

Previously I didn't give too much attention to my keychains. Usually I attached them to my keys or handbag, and sometimes I simply put them anywhere which I couldn't trace them back then. Things changed when I started working in 2004 where a year after that I had to start my official travelling to Bogor, Indonesia and many other countries around Asia Pacific region. Wherever I went, I would looking for keychains as souveniers especially those with country names printed on them. If there wasn't any, I would buy fridge magnet as a replace.

This is a keychain from Taipei, Taiwan which I visited early 2006. What's so special about this keychain? Well, I would say that I had a great and wonderful time in this beautiful island. I believe that everyone of us is the ambassador for our country and those friendly peoples that I met in Taiwan played their roles very well and they were so amazing! They gave me a good impression of Taiwan and their hospitality was so much appreciated.

My Taiwanese friends were so nice to accompany me spending a whole day visiting some interesting places using public transports. And of course I didn't miss a chance to be at the tallest skycraper in Taipei, 101 Tower, which is one of the tallest buiding in the world.

This cap-shaped keychain was bought at Bukit Merah, Perak, Malaysia, also in 2006. My cousins organized a family gathering and I was there to meet my relatives who had hardly met for years. Actually this keychain was not mine... It's a gift from me to my 'special friend'. My keychain was a turtle-shaped, green in colour and cute. Both keychains came with water inside and there was also a floating little fish.

During my next trip, I learnt that liquid was not allowed in flight. There was bag checking per passenger and my turtle keychain was taken away from my handcarried bag. The woman officer said that it was a lovely keychain, but any liquor or liquid would not be allowed onboard the flight. That was sad.

In 2007, I married with my 'special friend'. It is very clear that he is mine, and his keychain is also mine :)


  1. Yay! Clap clap! You are doing great! Love how you bring out all the details!

  2. Thank you..thank you... Bangganya... lukis dan lukis lagi :)