Monday, August 13, 2012

Did Haikal Draw Everything By Himself?

Yesterday a friend asked me about  Haikal's drawings that I put on my blog. Did Haikal draw everything by himself? Well, absolutely not :) At Da Vinci, the teacher will teach him on the basic drawing techniques and assist him to complete the drawing within one and half hour. Once, Haikal was not feeling well during the class. The teacher held his hand and they painted the drawing together.

Did Haikal learn something from his weekly drawing class at Da Vinci? The only way to know it is by doing a few tests at home.

Haikal drew a lorry and taught mama how to color it.

Haikal drew and colored a duck.

Little tortoise by Haikal.

Haikal drew a lorry but his father said it's more like a caterpillar.


I think he did learn something from Da Vinci and I'm happy that he enjoys drawing so much.

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