Friday, April 27, 2012

A Bird and A Flower

Tomorrow, there will be a wedding ceremony at Serdang. So, last Saturday, we planned to reschedule Haikal's drawing class, probably in the morning. But due to a few circumstances, we decided to let Haikal attending two classes continuously, with 15 minutes break in between. The first one hour, he paid full attention to his drawing... a flying bird. He was very happy and satisfied when his father bought him candies and a can drink.

The next hour was a bit challenging. The almost-4-years Haikal lost his attention and started to running and playing around the class. He was a bit bored and took a long time to finish his flower. According to the teacher, the drawing was not complete yet. But my husband knew that Haikal couldn't focus any more. We made a wrong decision and learnt a new thing about kid. So, no more two classes a day after this :-)

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