Wednesday, April 4, 2012

I Am Happy!

There are two things that make me happy today.

1) During our conversation in Facebook, a friend of mine, K. Tanjong spontaneously told me that she would like to have my drawing. I gave my drawing titled Si Murai to her as a gift. And… she likes it so much.

2) My illustration of Puteri Bukit Lagong gets its own audience. Puteri Bukit
Lagong is a title of a theatre performed by Kelab Peseni , FRIM. I watched their rehearsal and enjoyed the theatre very much. On my way back home, I asked my husband how about drawing something about Puteri Bukit Lagong? It must be fun. My husband said, “Go on!”

I didn’t take a lot of time to sketch on A4 recycled paper. At first, I planned to colour it but cancelled it few minutes later. I thought that it’s just a simple illustration and wouldn’t capture other’s attention at all. My husband took a look and told me that it was good. I smiled… I knew he, as a supportive husband, would always say like that. But then, there’s a request from Peseni blog administrator, asking permission from me to upload the illustration in Peseni’s official blog. Wow…that’s awesome! Without wasting time, I coloured the illustration and emailed back to them. Feel free to visit the blog at
These two things bring a special meaning to me. It is an indicator… it is a sign… It means that my drawing skill is improving! Isn’t it great???