Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Creative Project for Teacher's Day

This is the first year for Haikal and Anas being students at Tadika Anjung Didik and they love their teachers very much. Every day there’s always a story about the teachers.

“Teacher Wawa got stomach ache.”
“Ustaz touched my head gently after I recited al-Fatihah.”
“Teacher gave me candies.”
“Teacher asked me to do homework.”
“Look, teacher gave me two stars because I did good colouring.”
Haikal, teacher Lina and friends. (Photo credit: Tadika Anjung Didik)
Anas and friends.

I could see that my kids are very happy whenever they received compliments from teachers of the works they had done. They feel happy, proud and willing to do the same task again and again. 

Thank you teachers!

Teacher’s day is just around the corner! My kids and I tho
ught that it’s a good time to give something special to the teachers as a way of saying thank you. I planned a creative project and my kids were also involved in the implementation process. 

We spend more than an hour to carry out the painting task. Actually, it could be easily done within ten minutes, but you know kids…  They asked me to draw their favourite heavy transportation and were very excited to paint the lorry instead of actual drawing of the project. By the way, I’m glad that they did their job very well. Clap, clap!

Work in progress.
Mine. Ohh.. like mother like son :p

Next, it’s my turn to accomplish the work. I used a few recycle materials that could be easily found around the house. Milk scoops, two plastic lids and bottle caps. Ohh, I forgot to mention that the papers that we used for painting are the unfolded Anmum packaging boxes. What are all these things going to be? Wait for tomorrow. It’s for the teacher’ day :D.

Painted lids.

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