Friday, October 19, 2012

The Soaring Bird by Red

The Soaring Bird
(Photo credit:

Who is Red?
Red (Hong Yi) is a mixed-media artist known for using unconventional tools to make potraits.

How do I know about Red? 
She was featured in Malaysia Airlines' (MAS) in-flight magazine, ‘Going Places’. The photos of her artwork caught my attention. That was the first time I got to know her name and very impressed with her artwork using the coffee cups.

What do I think about Red?
She has an extremely great talent. I admire her creativity which involves creative ideas, accurate planning and detailed output.
Currently, she had a challenge to do an art project using ONE HP Ink Advantage Cartridge, ONE HP printer, and 1500 sheets of A4 paper. And the result is totally AWESOME!!! 

There’s a video on how Red create her masterpiece with 1 HP Ink Cartridge. Watch the video and you will know why I admire her artwork so much.

Don't forget to visit her website at too!

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