Thursday, September 27, 2012

Illustration Friday- Crooked

After reading an email from Illustration Friday about the topic of this week, I opened my dictionary to look up for the word "crooked". The word sounds familiar but I couldn't recall the meaning. 

Crook means a dishonest person. That used-car salesman is a real crook.
Crook means a bend or curve in something.
Crook also means a long stick with a large hook at one hand.

But then, I realized that "crook" is not a new word for me after I found the famous idiom.. "by hook or by crook"

These are information that I got from my dictionary. But Illustration Friday gives me more definitions of the word and believe me, it's a good platform for us to learn and understand a new vocabulary from other peoples' perspectives.


  1. First time jenguk ur blog - salu tgk ur commenst in K. Emi's blog. rupanya u pun hebat gak melukis! wow.. lucky nyer uols yg ada bakat melukis... :-)

    1. Terima kasih Fara singgah blog saya (^_^) Saya ni masih setahun jagung...belum hebat lagi. Tapi dah mula cuba, rasa seronok pula. Nanti Fara pun boleh cuba melukis juga :)